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Sushiburger – the newest sushi craze to hit the internet!

26 May

The “sushiburger” may not be traditional, but it’s fun. For anyone looking for something entertaining and new, and outside the envelope, this may be for you.


Rainbow sushi is dazzling the internet

24 May

Rainbow sushi is becoming one of the most interesting fusion sushi items on the Internet, and Instagram is abuzz with some great images.

Sushi and Salmonella – Do you need to be worried?

11 Dec

Should we be worried about salmonella when we eat sushi? Let’s look at the facts.

Sushi lovers may rejoice as juvenile bluefin tuna harvest is halved to save the species

7 Nov

Juvenile bluefin tuna harvest will be halved in an attempt to restore population, which ultimately is a good thing for sushi lovers around the world.

Kaimin Katsugyo – Acupuncture Fish For Better Sushi

26 Aug

Does relaxing a fish with acupuncture really make for better sushi?

Spam Sushi? Yes, an upscale NY sushi restaurant is using spam in their sushi menu – See more at: http://www.sushifaq.com/sushiotaku/2014/05/19/spam-sushi-yes-upscale-ny-sushi-restaurant-offering-spam-musubi/#sthash.1jOGKJIA.dpuf

21 May

A new case for using an old stand-by, Spam (called spam-musubi) in upscale sushi dining.

Finfish study warns of decreasing seafood supply

15 Feb

Sushi lovers, your access to sushi is still at risk with decreasing finfish stocks. A European study on declining finfish stocks is enough to make any seafood lover worry.

Changes in California Retail Food Code impact sushi chefs

3 Feb

California health laws are changing the way sushi is prepared, and sushi chefs are not happy.

Low Calorie Sushi Options

24 Jan

Options for low calorie sushi items for those watching what they eat, including some surprising information about sashimi, which you would*think* would be the best option.

What Europe is now doing to keep your favorite sushi on your table,

21 Jan

A new European seafood awareness campaign has begin to help save ocean fish stocks. The days of sushi may continue.