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Finfish study warns of decreasing seafood supply

15 Feb

Sushi lovers, your access to sushi is still at risk with decreasing finfish stocks. A European study on declining finfish stocks is enough to make any seafood lover worry.

Low Calorie Sushi Options

24 Jan

Options for low calorie sushi items for those watching what they eat, including some surprising information about sashimi, which you would*think* would be the best option.

What Europe is now doing to keep your favorite sushi on your table,

21 Jan

A new European seafood awareness campaign has begin to help save ocean fish stocks. The days of sushi may continue.

The Difference between authentic Japanese sushi and sushi around the world

15 Nov

Traditional Japanese sushi is not often found in Western restaurants, and even in Japan, Western influences abound. This article explains some of the differences.

Sushi (Japanese) Restaurants That Accept Bitcoin as A Form of Payment

31 Oct

Bitcoin is being adopted at an astounding rate, and now even restaurants are beginning to accept this form of payment. This is a growing list of sushi restaurants that have been reported to accept Bitcoin as payment for a meal.

More Omakase insights from a Redditor

30 Oct

Reddit is more than just flame wars, but home to lots of folks who love sushi. Here are more omakase sushi insights from a fantastic Redditor who knows his stuff about sushi.

Notes From A High End Omakase Experience

28 Oct

A special, notes from a high end omakase sushi experience at Sushi Nakamura in Tokyo. Such a high end presentation is a rare treat for sushi lovers.