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The Tsukiji Fish Market is Moving

16 Feb

The venerable Tsukiji Fish Market will soon move to a new location, which will lead to an upgrade of all aspects of one of the world’s greatest seafood markets.

Can Tablet Time be Family Time?

6 Jan

Can tablets be more than just for play time, but actually help bring families together? Fuhu’s Nabi BigTab is a tablet built for families, not individuals.

The Online University Guide Toledo OH testing a new program with free laptops and Internet access scholarships

5 Dec

Some Toledo students are receiving free laptops and Internet service while they earn college credit in a new program to encourage access to higher education.

Sushi lovers may rejoice as juvenile bluefin tuna harvest is halved to save the species

7 Nov

Juvenile bluefin tuna harvest will be halved in an attempt to restore population, which ultimately is a good thing for sushi lovers around the world.

Puppet Workshop Review

5 Nov

Our review of the fun creative app “Puppet Workshop” by Jump App. Creativity without the glue and button mess!

5 Halloween apps to get yourself in the mood!

30 Oct

Five fun Halloween apps to get you ready for tricks or treats!

Stack The States – Kids Educational App Review

27 Oct

Our review of the entertaining and educational app that immerses children in United States geography by Freecloud Design.

FDA and EPA update on seafood consumption for sushi lovers

24 Oct

The latest updates from the FDA on seafood consumption for sushi lovers.

Fish Out Of Water Review

24 Oct

A review of Halfbrick Studios’ “Fish Out Of Water” app for kids, with gaming and story elements.

Kaimin Katsugyo – Acupuncture Fish For Better Sushi

26 Aug

Does relaxing a fish with acupuncture really make for better sushi?