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Japanese Green Tea Discount Offer

28 Mar

Buy wonderful Japanese green tea at a discount!


Voluntary agreement by major companies will protect Arctic Waters

27 May

Many major companies are banding together to safe seafood (and sushi) by protecting Arctic waters. Curious what they're up to?

Sushiburger – the newest sushi craze to hit the internet!

26 May

The “sushiburger” may not be traditional, but it’s fun. For anyone looking for something entertaining and new, and outside the envelope, this may be for you.

Rainbow sushi is dazzling the internet

24 May

Rainbow sushi is becoming one of the most interesting fusion sushi items on the Internet, and Instagram is abuzz with some great images.

Sushi and Salmonella – Do you need to be worried?

11 Dec

Should we be worried about salmonella when we eat sushi? Let’s look at the facts.

From Zero to Hero: Six popular foods that used to be for peasants

26 May

Some foods were not always the fun and glamorous foods we consider them now. Including sushi, some others may surprise you and were once considered peasant food.

National versus Regional Accreditation for an Online University

7 May

There is a *huge* difference between national and regional accreditation that will affect your ability to get a job based on your degree. Learn the critical differences here.

Dinosaur Mix Review

30 Apr

Awesome Kids Apps reviews “Dinosaur Mix” where children can have fun drawing their own dinosaurs on an iPad.

Invasive Species Profile: Tiger Prawn (or what’s happening to ama ebi?)

20 Apr

The invading army of Tiger Prawns in the Gulf of Mexico means big changes to the economics of the region, and possibly big changes for shrimp sushi fans who love their ama ebi.

Is bigeye tuna feeling the same overfishing pressure as bluefin?

11 Mar

Bluefin tuna is the most popular of all the fish eaten as sushi, but bigeye has been used as a replacement for some time, and may be suffering the same issues as the bluefin.